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Gas sensor is a kind of gas composition, concentration of information convert can be personnel, instruments, such as computers using information devices! Gas sensors are generally classified as a kind of chemical sensors, although the classified not science.

"Gas sensor" includes: semiconductor gas sensors, electrochemical gas sensors, catalytic combustion gas sensors, thermal conductivity type gas sensors, infrared gas sensor etc.

Gas sensors sensor for oxide semiconductor, sometimes in added trace of noble metal as radiosensitizing agent, an increase of gas activation function. For electronic give sex reducing gases such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon etc, with n-type semiconductor, to accept electronic sex of oxidation, with gas as oxygen P type semiconductor. Semiconductor with membrane fixed on insulating substrate or porous sinter on made sensor. Gas sensor is divided again semiconductor gas sensors, solid electrolyte gas sensors, contact the burning gas sensors, crystal oscillation gas sensor and electricity patent gas sensors.

NIS-07 ionsmokesensor havingan ionization chamber,ionchamberwith artificialradioactive element-americium241(Am241),strength of approximately 0.8microaround Curie,under normal conditionsin thefieldofequilibrium state,when thedustinto the ionization chamber,the ionization produced bypositive,negative ion,disturbance ofnormal motion of thecharged particle,under the effect of electric fieldtomovetheirpositive and negative electrodes,destroyedthe balance betweeninternal and externalionization chamber,current,voltagewill change.Ionsmoke sensoris through theequivalentionization chambersmokesensitive resistorvoltage change caused by theperception of smokeparticlestomicro currentchanging device.Thusthe macroscopical expressionforthe equivalent resistancecaused by increase ofionization chamberionization chamberat both ends of thevoltage is increased,thus todeterminethe smoke in the aircondition.

NIS-07 ionsmokesensor,internal useofman-maderadioactiveamericium241.Because the sensorbody iscovered by themetalshell,so theradiationwill notleakthe user canrest assured that the use of.In addition,theradiologist canuse only55% of 09C,so theradiationcan usehave restrictedcountries alsocan rest assured that the use of.And this kind ofsensorpinconfiguration andoutput characteristicsandothercompany's products areinterchangeable.NIS-07sourcewith lowradiationenergy,and the appropriateexpansion of theionization chamber,in cleanmoisture,balancevoltage andmore stable,greatly reducesthe rate of false positives.

NIS-07 ionsmokesensor is a kind ofadvanced technology,stable and reliable operationof thesensor,is widelyapplied to variousfire alarmsystem,better performance than that ofgas sensing resistortypefire alarm.

Photoelectricsmoke detector withionsmokesensorcomparison:

Photoelectricsmoke alarmwithan opticallabyrinth,equipped withinfrared tube,smokelessinfraredreceiving tubeto receivethe infrared emission tubeemitsinfrared light,whensmokeenters the opticallabyrinth,byrefraction,reflection,receiving tube receives theinfrared light,intelligent alarmcircuit judgeswhetherexceeds a threshold value,if more thanalert.

Smoke alarmto the tinysmokeparticleinductionto the sensitive,on varioussmokeequilibriumresponse;and the forwardtype photoelectricsmoke alarmto slightlybigsmoke particles aremore sensitivetoinduction,gray smoke,black smokeresponseworse.When theflames,smoke in the airmoretiny particles,andsmolderingtime,the airis slightly larger than thesmokeparticles will bemore.If afireoccurs,resulting in a large number oftinyparticles ofsmoke,smoke alarmthanphotoelectric smokealarmtoalarm.The twosmoke alarmtime intervalis not big,butthefire spreadrapidly,in such venuesrecommended to installsmoke alarm.Another class ofsmolderingfireoccurred,resulting in a large number ofslightly largersmoke particles,smoke alarmthan thesmoke alarmtoalarm,this type of siterecommended to installsmoke alarm.If you want tobeboth advantageshave both at the same time,you canrequire the installation ofsmoke alarmplaces will beinstalled ontwo kinds ofsmoke alarm.

Gas sensitivetypesmoke sensorandionsmokesensorcomparison:

Fire smokeis composed ofgas,liquid,solidparticlesto form a mixture,having a volume,mass,temperature,electric charge and otherphysical characteristics.Ionic smoke transduceris through thesmoketo escapeionization chamber.Interferenceof charged particlesin normal motion,by thecurrent,voltage changes todeterminethe smoke in the aircondition.Thegas sensitivesensorare detectable in the air ofsomecombustiblegas composition,so inthe fire detection,gas sensitivesensorperformance was not asionsensor.Gas sensitivesensor indetectingthe content ofcombustible gas in the air,caneffectively detectgas,liquefied petroleum gas,natural gas,carbon monoxideand othercombustible gasminim leakage,moreapplicable to the petroleum,chemical,coal,electric power,metallurgy,electronics and other industrialenterprises,as well asgas,liquefied petroleum gas,hydrogen gasstationproductionand storage offlammable gas.

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