Focus on technology development and supporting the supply of infrared, photoelectron, ultrasound, vibration, gas sensing products.
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Thermopile IR Sensor SP10-F5.5 [2020-03-08] THERMOPILE SENSOR SP10-F5.5 Specification: • MEMS Thermopile element • TO-46 Package • High sensitivity • 5.5μm LWP Filter • High accura..

Stair & Ladder Sensor Light Controller-SL002A [2019-06-21] Stair & Ladder Sensor Light Controller —SL002A— Product Description: SL002A is a intelligent photoelectric beam infrared sensor. Depend on the principle of the interval between infrared lights from..

The forthcoming opening of our English website [2014-09-15] The forthcoming opening of our English website!

SALENS TECH LIMITED [2014-09-15] SALENS TECH LIMITED is a high-tech service company which supplies the Asia-Pacific region, especially mainland China electronics manufacturers with Fresnel lens ,sensors and special-purpose chip and other sensitive ..

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