Focus on technology development and supporting the supply of infrared, photoelectron, ultrasound, vibration, gas sensing products.


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Bluetooth remote selfie
LED motion sensor lamp
Wireless Home Security Systems
PIR Sensors
Ceiling Mount Sensors
Sensor Fit For Lamps
Wall Mount Sensors
Wall Hidden Sensors
Wall Surface Sensors
Alarm sensors
Toilet Sensors
Smoke Alarms
Smoke Detectors
PIR Lamps
PIR Wall Lamps
PIR Halogen Lamps
PIR Stainless Lamps
Remote Control Sockets
Remote Control Doorbells
Light-Control Switchs
Heat Detector Series
Gas Alarm Series
Solar Sensor Light
Low-power Solar Infrared Sensor Light
High-power Solar Street Lamp Series
Microwave Series
Microwave Sensor Lamps
Microwave Sensors
LED Microwave Sensor Lamps
Street Lamp Sensor
LED Ceiling Mount Light
LED Flood Light
Other Infrared Product
PIR Electric Component

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