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Our company for various manufacturers to provide consumer electronic products IC, COB, electronic board design, development and production. Specialized in developing electronic candles, flash, music, sound, door bell, timing, electronic remote control, LCD control, LED control etc IC, company technical force is abundant, the production capability is strong, owning the advanced development equipments and rich development experience. With its good business reputation has become more manufacturers designated IC, COB, electronic board vendors.

Product synopsis:

A>,electronic candle IC
1, GC1608, TC2066, TC2066Z, TCH2066Z, TCH2068, TCH2096 - HD2096, 2066 TCSL (S) - (B), TCH2068-009

B>, flashing a IC
2, HD1001 - HD1002, LX001, LX001T, LX002, LX006, LXH001 - LX001R, TC008 - QY3081, TC912

C>, music and sound IC
1, music classes: C716, DT317, HD302, HD716-3, SS301, SS305B, SS305BX, SS305ZB, SS306, XSS313TB, SS338, TC305A, TC305B, TC305X, YD408

2, music classes: DT64L, DT64SD, DT128SD, DT902K, DT903, DTM64LH, DTM64SD, HD64L, HD64LH, HD128SD, HT - scheduled gyro + sound, MLH64-001, TC64LH, TC64LL, TC64SD, TC64SD - DLL - SL, TC768T

D>, the doorbell IC
1, A2011, KC3710B, SC2011

E>, the electronic control class IC
1, timing IC: TO15L, TO24 TOL - TO24B, TOHL8, and TOL8
2, infrared remote control IC: with 6122 3010 coding difference, H6122 100330

3, other remote control category IC: CN2008-111, CN2008 net MCU IC, CN2018 net MCU IC, GCM128-138, C717 - C718, C720

F>, LCD and LED control IC

1, LEC control classes: TCD801, XT0033 instructions - LCD
2 and leds control categories:
a 1LED: LS611 - LS611B, HD610-2, HD610-128-2, L610
b HD1632, 2LED, LS621-19 - LS622-10, TC54X6, TC1632, TCH1632
c 3LED: 3L - 68, 3LH - XX, 13XX - N, DT1059, GC, A1605 091224 - HD623-256, LS5416, TC2097
d full-color or 7 colour: A1233, A1233T, A1233X - Y, A2095, A2095B - C, A2095 - M - Q - S, 1603A IC, HD1233 series, TC1233R, TC1236
e 5LED: CX1688-7, HD666B, LS666A, LS666BCD, SC1688, TC5420
f 6LED: 16XX - N, A2090, A2090B, A2093S, LS660 - China, LS661, LS668ONE128, LS669B, TC660 series
g 7LED: GC2026 - outer, LS672,

G>, such as special IC
1, special speech class: JT - J913
2, playstation categories: TA1003, TA6582

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