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Stair & Ladder Sensor Light Controller-SL002A

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Stair & Ladder Sensor Light Controller


Product Description

SL002A is a intelligent photoelectric beam infrared sensor. Depend on the principle of the interval between infrared lights from objects, when a person or an object enters sensing range in the middle of the sensor, the infrared lights between emitting and receiving will be seperated, and the sensor will output signal through MCU processing immediately; When the person or object out of the sensing range, the sensor will cut down output. Form an on-and-off signal to intelligently control LED light switch or sound output.

Electric Performance

1.Input/output voltage: DC12V

2.Music output speaker: 4Ω2-3W

3.Effective sensing distance: >3M

4.Load power of the light40W

5.Sensing angle: ±15°

6.Working voltage of single chip microcomputerDC2-5V

7.Standby current0.1mA

8.Dimension50mm*35mm *22mm

9.Can be loaded with advertising lights, LED lights, bath lights, stair lights (this product is a pair of matching. Not includPower, light bar and speaker )


Scope of application

This product is designed with the principle of infrared radiation. It is suitable for controlling stair sensing, controlling machines and machine tools, advertising sensing lighting display, door control detection, etc. It is mainly used for public places such as shops, hotels, bars, KTV, shopping malls, etc.



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