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PIR Controller

Product Name:SP010

Product NO.:Low power PIR sensor controller-SP010

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ow power  PIR sensor controller-SP010
 SP 010 is a special integrated circuit designed for various sensors, which is manufactured by CMOS technology.
The peripheral devices are greatly reduced, the space, cost and debugging time are saved, and the reliability of the whole machine is improved.
It is used in lighting control, motor and solenoid valve control, anti-theft alarm and other fields.
I. characteristics
◆ COMS digital analog hybrid ASIC.
◆ it has an independent high input impedance operational amplifier, which can be matched with a variety of sensors for signal preprocessing.
◆ bidirectional amplitude discriminator can effectively suppress interference.
◆ built in delay time timer and block time timer, novel structure, stable and reliable, wide adjustment range.
◆ built in reference power supply.
◆ wide working voltage range + 1.8V ~ + 6V.
◆ 16 pin SOP package.
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