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PIR Controller

Product Name:SP013

Product NO.:SP013 special IC chip for microwave radar

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SP013 special IC chip for microwave radar

SP013 is a special integrated circuit designed for all kinds of sensors, which adopts CMOS technology
It can be widely used in lighting control, motor and solenoid valve control, anti-theft alarm and other fields.
I. characteristics
◆ COMS digital analog hybrid ASIC.
◆ it has independent high input impedance operational amplifier, which can match with a variety of sensors for signal preprocessing.
◆ bidirectional amplitude discriminator can effectively suppress interference.
◆ built in delay time timer and block time timer, trigger to shake, novel structure, stable and reliable, wide adjustment range.
◆ built in reference power supply.
◆ voltage range + 1.8V ~ + 6.0V.
◆ 16 pin SOP package.

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